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ri:val has been developed to meet the need of the life science industry for a standardized and easy to use valuation solution that can handle even the most complex valuations. Valuation is of key importance to many questions in life sciences, and the lack of technical valuation expertise should not be a hurdle to success. We think that you should focus on what you do best, namely your know-how in drug development, your management know-how, your expertise in negotiating, your skills in interpreting the quality of business plans. Let ri:val help make sense of the numbers and figures without your spending weeks constructing Excel sheets. This is a new approach to your thinking in life sciences. Gut feeling alone cannot be trusted. You need rational arguments to support your decisions. With ri:val you can produce expert valuations without being a valuation expert.

The ri:val concept was developed by Ralph Villiger and Boris Bogdan, two of the leading experts in valuation in life sciences. They have published in leading industry journals and are the authors of the industry guide on valuation, “Valuation in Life Sciences.” All their know-how gained from advising international clients in biotech, pharma, and finance has found its way into ri:val. The product is constantly being adapted to customer needs, and new concepts in valuation are constantly reviewed and implemented as needed.


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