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With ri:val, you can generate robust valuation results in a standalone
software package. It's powerful, battle-tested, and easy to use.

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ri:val Modules
Flexible program design gives users the full power of ri:val or the advantage of targeted modules.
Market Solutions
ri:val offers tools to deliver accurate valuations for M & A, fundraising, business development and more.
Knowledge Base
Visit our resource center to find out about valuation methodology, FAQs about ri:val and more.
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ri:val is the leading valuation solution for business developers, investors, CFOs, and CEOs in pharma and biotech. You can generate valuation results far beyond any error-prone spreadsheet calculation and quickly explore multiple scenarios. ri:val provides access to up-to-date industry data on drug development. Valuations of license contracts, drug development projects, pipelines, and biotech or pharma firms are easily done in a comprehensive, user-friendly framework.

Valuation is no longer a challenge — it is your tool for success.

February 11 >The new ri:val v4.1 now allows companies to plan their resource allocation taking account of different scenarios.

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