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Valuation in Life Sciences. A Practical Guide

All methods used in ri:val have been described in the book "Valuation in Life Sciences. A Practical Guide" by Boris Bogdan and Ralph Villiger. It is the first book describing the financial valuation methods and techniques used in life sciences in detail. The authors guide the reader through all valuations and explain the particularities of license contract or company valuations with real life examples. The reader also finds an exercise section in the book a valuable case studies. The book became quickly a standard within teh industry and is now available in its second edition.

Martin Buckland, Chief Business Officer, Astex Therapeutics, Cambridge, UK:
Ralph Villiger and Boris Bogdan have written what is sure to become the industry standard reference for valuation of pharmaceutical and biotechnology projects and companies.  Their academically rigorous treatment of the underlying theoretical framework for both risk-adjusted net present value, and real options approaches to valuation is combined with the real-life complexities of pipeline and portfolio management in the life sciences industry to provide a comprehensive overview of this critical subject.  At a time when the healthcare industry is placing increasing emphasis on licensing and M&A as a core strategy this book provides a firm understanding of the way in which products and businesses can be valued at all stages of their development, while their thorough treatment of quantitative approaches to the valuation of companies provides a solid theoretical and practical framework for all of those involved in financing the new generation of biotechnology companies.  This book will be of immense value to strategic planning, licensing and business development, corporate finance professionals and senior managers in all sectors of the life sciences industry.

Jean-Pierre Saintouil, Director of Technology Transfer Department, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France:
We all welcome the publication of this first book which deals specifically with Valuation in Life Science. Valuation has always been the focal issue for anyone involved in business development. The combined talents of Boris Bogdan and Ralph Villiger have produced an excellent synthesis of the parameters and stakes of the Life Sciences field, integrating them successfully in the most sophisticated economic evaluation models (eNPV, Real Options, etc.). The book also contains numerous case studies and exercises which clearly illustrate the most complex theories. Methods and models for the evaluation of projects and companies are carefully described and explained and will thus provide a practical and rational basis for negotiations. There is no doubt that this book will become an essential  reference tool for professionals in technology transfer, business developers and biotech companies, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and Life Science investors.




Valuation Book

Valuation in Life Sciences
A Practical Guide

This book is the first complete guide to valuation in life sciences for industry professionals, investors, and academics.


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