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Business Development

ri:val for Business Development and Licensing

Make optimal decisions

Understand the value and the risk of licensing opportunities, e.g., how likely are my cash flows with the current distribution of royalties vs. milestones?

Compare the licensing opportunities with internal projects or previously closed deals, e.g., what were the value share and return on investment of your previous phase 1 license deals?

Assess the financial attractiveness of license deals, e.g., what is the ROI of a possible deal, and is it higher than an alternative?

Structure, value, and adapt possible license deals

Easily value and analyze sophisticated deal structures, e.g., co-development, co-marketing, multiple geographical markets, or tiered royalties.

Adapt the risk structure of the contract to your needs, e.g., what happens to the value and risk of your contract when cutting the royalty rate down to 8% for sales under US $200 million?

Negotiate better deal terms

Know the value and expected return of a term sheet and compare it to closed deals, e.g., your last preclinical deal was a 20%–80% share; what share do you reach with the current deal terms?

See what the deal means to your counterparts and find out the worth of both sides of the contract structure before your negotiations.

Find the right deal terms, e.g., what terms should you propose to come to a value share of 40%–60%?







ri:val is your key to creating sustainable value in licensing.















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