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ri:val for Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A negotiations are often done under time pressure. A fast and solid quantitative review of the M&A opportunity allows you to decide whether to proceed to an in-depth due diligence. ri:val sets the framework for a structured, timely, and comprehensive valuation of companies, their pipelines, and technologies. Through analyzing value, risk profile, and liquidity needs you will perfectly understand the potential of the deal and know the upper and lower limit for the negotiations.

Grasp the value of a potential M&A partner

ri:val will allow you to value a company in a matter of hours without wasting time and resources building complex spreadsheets or hiring an investment bank. You will immediately have more results at hand than any spreadsheet or specialist will ever be able to give you: future balance sheets, P&L statements, liquidity needs, value and pipeline dynamics, sensitivity analysis, risk profile, and more.

You will understand the value components and value drivers of a potential M&A candidate now and in future years, e.g., what is the value of the pipeline compared to the total company value, and are there any cluster risks in the pipeline?

Define your M&A negotiation leeway and compare options

Use ri:val not only to value the M&A candidate, but also to value the joint company after the transaction with different cost assumptions and input parameters. Comparing this with the current market value, you can determine the premium you can offer.

Compare different M&A options in terms of value development or risk structure, and value different candidates. ri:val provides a consistent framework to compare your options and a rational basis for your decisions.

Key applications of ri:val in mergers and acquisitions:




Make your M&A a success by understanding the real value with ri:val.


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